Naming Consultancy

Naming things is HARD. Trust us, we know. (We’re building projects with our parent co. at Tech.Haus).

While you’re out there actually building your project or business, trying to find the right brand, domain name, and social media handles can really put the breaks on your progress.

That’s where NameVantage comes in.

We’re creating affordable and comprehensive consulting reports to help enterpreneurs navigate this tricky and time consuming landscape.

The custom reports will include (depending on relevancy to your project):

  • Domain Trends + Strategies
  • Branding Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Brand Usage Analysis
  • Lists of Potential Names
  • Detailed Domains Recommendations
  • Consulting Based on Price Brackets Available
  • Logo Trends

*This is a trial of a possible product we will be rolling out. We expect to charge $999 for this consulting product, but this HANDS ON custom report is available to 2 clients a month for $499.

We will work on a questionnaire together to determine exactly the right research you need to find the perfect name for your startup, product, or project. For $499, you will get the most hands on experience we will ever offer at that type of price, and you will be helping us develop the right type of product to help many more people in the future.

If you have a project you want to tell us about, let’s talk and see if you are a good fit. Email [email protected]